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How to Clean a Glass Top Stove

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Glass Top Stove

A glass stove will add an elegance and chic to the interior design of any kitchen. Models based on glass ceramics are very popular, as they have a modern design and ease of use. However, they have their disadvantages. Even the smallest splashes become very marked on such surface. It is difficult to get rid of them without help of special tools. You can damage your surface if you do something wrong.

What you need to know before cleaning

In order to not spoil the surface and not damage such expensive household appliance, follow the rules bellow:

  1. Wash the stove only if it is chilled. Never remove a dirt from heated surface.
  2. Use less abrasive materials. Hard detergents and tools will scratch the delicate glass surface.
  3. Always read manufacturer’s instructions. The instructions always say which detergents can damage a stove and when the can void the warranty.

Not following the recommendations can lead to defects that will spoil the appearance of the stove and possibly defeat its functionality.

Daily cleaning is effective in maintaining the cleanliness of the stove. It is necessary to wipe a stove thoroughly after each use so there are no traces of dirt and dust on its surface.

What inventory is needed

It is necessary to use gentle equipment. Despite of good resilience of the stove, excessive pressure with hard objects will easily leave scratches on the surface. For proper and thorough care use:

  • napkins;
  • sponges;
  • microfiber;
  • special textile.

You need to buy special detergents for the glass stove cleaning. You can use just regular vinegar and a towel, but it doesn’t ensure the impeccable degree of polishing. Perfect result can be carried out only by special products.

You need to wait until the stove hob cools down and then clean the stove from dirt. Spray plentifully the detergent on a dirty area. Dunk the rag in hot water and place it on the stove without squeezing the absorbed liquid from it. Wait 15 minutes until everything is absorbed well. Remove the towel and wash the detergent from it. Now you need to apply the detergent to the surface again and carefully remove it with a soft microfiber. Continue to do this until your stove is completely clean.

Remove heavily contaminated surfaces with a sharp blade. Do it very carefully. Pre-read the instructions, where it can be possibly said that it is not recommended to use sharp objects for cleaning this type of surface.

Apply detergent to a burned mud area. Wait 15 minutes for it to absorb. Remove dirt with a minimal inclination of the cutting edge. At the end, apply detergent again and wipe everything off with a towel. Repeat all steps until completely cleansed.

Advantages and disadvantages of cleaning a glass stove by yourself

If you follow the rules and daily care about the stove, then you can maintain the proper cleanliness by yourself. However, the dirt which is hard to rid of is difficult to remove. Sometimes housewives use blades and scrapers. As a result, strong scratches can be easily remained on the surface.

When you care a glass stove by yourself, you can not know your own strength and can easily damage the surface. Tools that are too stiff may not be able to maintain the integrity of the delicate surface. If you want to save your time and remove stains from the stove without any damage, contact us for professional help.

The cleaning of one plate can take up to several hours.  It is a great deal of work that you can delegate to the employees of our company. We take orders from individuals, cafes, restaurants and other institutions. An experienced specialist with all the necessary equipment will come to you. High-quality cleaning from food stains and other types of dirt on your stove will be carried out in the shortest possible time, .

SHEN cleaning company will send a specialist to you to clean carefully the device without damaging it. We use only safe and effective detergents that can remove even the most persistent dirt and return the surface to its original shine and attractiveness.

We will promptly arrive and provide quality services at an affordable cost. Call and book a specialist visit at a convenient time for you.

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