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How to clean a sofa

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How to clean a sofa

A sofa is a favorite vacation spot for every person, be it an office employee, visitor or housewife. In addition, this is often a bright accent in the interior, so the cleanliness of the fabric surface and the absence of dust are necessary for comfort, coziness and a beautiful picture. Any owner of the sofa sooner or later faces the need to clean it, in this article we will talk about how best to do it.

What you need to know before cleaning?

Upholstered furniture is the most used furniture in any room. Children play it, guests have lunch and dinner, employees in the office relax and residents of the apartments doze, pets most likely also prefer this piece of furniture. And of course, there can be a lot of pollution on sofas, so before putting it in order it is worth answering the following questions:

  • What material upholstery of the sofa?
  • What types of contaminants must be removed (oil stains, spilled wine, food sticking, dust, darkening of the upholstery from prolonged sitting)
  • What is the surface area to be cleaned
  • Is there any other upholstered furniture with the same upholstery (since after cleaning the difference between a sofa and an armchair from one set may become noticeable)

After determining the scope of work, you can determine the method of cleaning, it can be:

  • Knocking out a sofa. If there are no spots on upholstered furniture, and you just need to remove the dust, then at home they often resort to it
  • A vacuum cleaner. This is an option to remove dust and crumbs from the surfaces of the sofa. For the best effect, it is better to put a special nozzle on the vacuum cleaner.
  • Cleaning the sofa with special tools. If there are spots on the surface, then you can not do without chemistry. However, you need to know exactly about all the nuances of the drug that will be processed sofa, so as not to damage the surface and not harm people.

What inventory is needed

To remove dust from the sofa you will need a vacuum cleaner, a plastic “beater” and a wet sheet that is spread over the entire surface of the furniture. Hitting the tools on the sofa upholstery, the accumulated inside will rise up and settle on the sheet. After these manipulations, you can walk along the surface with a vacuum cleaner.

When removing stains, it is necessary to stock up with special chemicals that are suitable for this type of pollution, with a brush and a soft rag. If there are several types of dirt on the couch, then most likely you will need several cleaners. However, you should be extremely careful, since the mixing of some substances is unacceptable and can lead to poisoning and serious damage to health.

Advantages and disadvantages of self-cleaning

The main advantage of self-cleaning a sofa is the relative cheapness of the procedure. Most likely, a vacuum cleaner, brush and rag can be found in the house, and not professional cleaning products are not expensive. In addition, using soda or vinegar in certain proportions, you can do without buying “chemistry” at all. In fact, the advantages end there, and in this case there are much more minuses:

  • Some types of stains, such as wine, blood, iodine, ink, and household cleaners are unlikely to cope.
  • When cleaning at home, some types of upholstery may be damaged and discolored.
  • Dust removal is much more efficient using professional equipment and tools. Such equipment is quite expensive and it does not make sense to buy it for personal use.
  • Professional companies work with all types of upholstered furniture, and much more accurately determine the types of contaminants and drugs that it is better to remove them without damaging the surfaces.

Cleaning sofas on your own is a time-consuming and time-consuming task that may not bring the desired results, and even spoil everyone’s favorite upholstered furniture. SHEN will solve this problem! We work with all types of pollution and types of upholstery. Quickly and efficiently return freshness and cleanliness to your sofa!

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