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How to clean blinds

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How to clean blinds

Blinds are a convenient and practical part of an interior. We use them all over the house but we don’t know how to take care of them properly. 85% of interviewed housewives do not clean blinds properly. As a result, they become deformed, broken or they leave traces of dirt. In this article we will consider what you need to know before cleaning, what equipment is required, and also consider the pros and cons of cleaning by yourself.

What you need to know before cleaning

At first glance, blinds have simple and clear design. But in fact, there are nuances that affect their cleaning:

  • Wooden blinds do not react well to the abundance of water. They become swelled and deformed.
  • Fabric blinds sometimes have to be dry cleaned.
  • Regular dusting and washing will not be enough for long-term cleaning.
  • Dust, particles of skin, microorganisms easily settle on the blinds, so you need to clean it every three weeks.

These are just some of the nuances that are known in cleaning companies. Their care depends on the type of blinds. Plastic blinds can be easily washed with soap, woven ones do not always react well on cleaning products. Each type of blinds has different way of manufacturing, that is why the cleaning is different. Venetian blinds are wider than regular ones, what makes cleaning easier. Different technologies are applied to the artificial tree and to the natural one. And it is better not to wash vinyl and aluminum blinds in hot water.

Learn how to use the tools correctly when clean the blinds. Blinds made of delicate plastic structures or aluminum can be deformed because of a vacuum.

What inventory is needed

The set of tools for cleaning blinds depends on the type of cleaning. It can be enough to wipe with a dry rag and wash with water,or it can be necessary to use special equipment.

SHEN cleaners use the following equipment:

  • Napkins and microfiber textile.
  • Vacuum.
  • Detergents.
  • Lemon oil or preservative for wood products.
  • Water.

In most cases this should be enough. Clean windows are a guarantee of a beautiful view and health.

Pros and cons of cleaning by yourself

Is cleaning by yourself worth the time, effort and money to do it? Let's see what are the positive and negative aspects of such cleaning.

The advantages of cleaning blinds by your own:

  • Controlling the process. For many people, it is important to be involved in all the processes in the house.
  • Saving the money. It is important not to make a mistake in the cleaning technology, otherwise you will have to overpay.
  • New experience. Trying to cope with the blinds yourself is an interesting experience.

Disadvantages of blinds care:

  • A variety of models. There are many different blinds on the market: horizontal, fabric, plastic, aluminum, vinyl, wood and others. For each type, you need to know the right approach and choose the appropriate cleaning products so as not to spoil the product.
  • Quality cleaning. To remove dirt, microorganisms and return the item to its original form, you will have to use different methods. To do this, you need to buy proper cleaning products and clean according to the instructions.
  • Money. It would seem that the housewife saves the money if she doesn't call a cleaning company, but in reality everything is different. For proper care, you will have to buy high-quality cleaning products, protective equipment, etc. And the main difficulty is a mistake in the store, because of which the blinds will not be washed off and you will have to pay again.
  • Lack of special cleaning equipment. Most often, washing at home is carried out only with microfiber sponges and water.
  • Nobody will return time. Therefore, it is better to do something pleasant: spend time with family or hobby.

We examined the pros and cons of cleaning blinds by yourself. You need only to draw the right conclusions.

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