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How to clean the oven glass

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How to clean the oven glass

An oven is an indispensable technique in the kitchen. Cooking an air cake, meat with a crispy crust, making a gentle casserole for a child without it will not work. Dried food residues, fat, crumbs inside the oven can significantly spoil the taste of dishes, so regular cleaning of the oven is simply necessary. And of course, any housewife is pleased to have a sparkling cleanliness technique.

What you need to know before cleaning

It seems that washing the oven is a simple matter, but it is extremely important to observe several rules that will help to more effectively deal with pollution:

  • Never wash the glass immediately after cooking. Even the barely warm surface of the oven will quickly dry any detergent applied and minimize its effectiveness.
  • To completely clean the oven door, you will likely have to remove it in order to clean inaccessible places.
  • Most oven cleaning tips include using soda. However, it is worth knowing that this substance has a certain abrasiveness, and with frequent use it can scratch the glass or the surface around it.
  • When washing the oven, do not mix several different detergents, as they may contain substances that, when mixed, become toxic and can damage health and cause poisoning

What inventory is needed

To make the glass perfectly clean, and when opening the leftover food does not fall out, the oven door will have to be removed. To do this, you will need an instruction manual, knowing the manufacturer and model, it can easily be found on the Internet and a screwdriver.

Carefully read the manual to understand how to properly remove the door. On the removed part of the oven there may also be elements into which the cleaning agent should not fall, they can be sealed with adhesive tape. It is also advisable to obtain the support of an assistant so that he can hold the door. Before starting work, it is necessary to spread a rag on the floor so as not to stain the floor. Often, by unscrewing four bolts, you can pull out the glass and get to hard-to-reach places.

To clean the surface itself, you need to purchase a special tool for ovens in the store, or you can independently prepare soda and vinegar solutions. In addition, you will need a rag and sponge to remove detergent and dirt.

Advantages and disadvantages of self-cleaning

Definitely self-cleaning an oven is cheaper than hiring a cleaning company. It does not require special training and almost every housewife at least once brought the oven in order.

Despite the apparent simplicity, this process can take a lot of time and not give the desired result. For the best effect, it is necessary to purchase special tools, select suitable rags, get the hang of working with a screwdriver and remove the door to wash hard-to-reach spots. In addition, fat and crumbs can get on the floor and you will have to clean it.

Cleaning the oven is a time-consuming and completely uninteresting task. But if you want the taste of the products not to be spoiled by the smell of burnt fat and adhering crumbs, and the hygiene of the products remained at a high level, this procedure cannot be dispensed with. However, there is a solution! SHEN will do the job for you. Polite, tidy and qualified staff to quickly deal with pollution without damaging the surface, and at this time you can relax or do more important things!

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