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Commercial cleaning

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Office cleaning

Companies invest a great deal of money into their facilities and The Shen Company can help protect that investment by maintaining it properly so that it will last for years to come. We will help you evaluate your cleaning needs and make recommendations on cleaning frequencies that make sense for your type of environment and how it’s used.


Shopping mall

When the centre is open to the public, attention needs to be paid to providing a clean and safe environment. Shen service cleaning has the experience and expertise to efficiently clean enclosed shopping mall centers.



Condominium cleaning is a key aspect of any real estate property. The unique and spacious environment associated with condominium living requires a creative cleaning and maintenance approach. At Shen, we’re committed to ensuring we offer quality condominium cleaning services to help your building remain clean, attractive, and safe for residents and visitors. We’re a high-end company that offers condominium cleaning services to clients in and around Miami.



Miami restaurants are busy places. Employees are focused on customer satisfaction and they are busy providing superb food and the best customer service available. It is no secret that high quality and clean restaurant will bring in a lot of business but when employees are busy there is not much time to focus on deep cleaning. This is where restaurant cleaning services come in.


Hotel cleaning

Shen cleaning services are the perfect match for your hotel or resort. Whether you’re running a large, multi-use complex or a cozy roadside bed and breakfast, we will create the perfect environment for your guest. Shen hotel cleaning services are trusted for the spotless results we deliver, our extraordinary attention to detail, and our unbending commitment to serving our clients.


Auto dealerships

Bring high-performance cleaning to your auto dealership with commercial cleaning services from your local Shen. Our cleaning services make it easy to keep your dealership sparkling and spotless, creating the perfect showcase for your vehicles. With our combination of professional systems, exacting standards, and guaranteed customer satisfaction, no one does dealership cleaning like Shen


Banks & Financial Institutions

We understand that every company is unique and may have a different set of needs and expectations. We work closely with clients in finding the most cost effective solutions while still providing a level of service that will produce a clean, healthy banking environment as well as one that protects the capital investment you have made in your facility.


Preschools cleaning services

When you run a daycare or preschool, nothing matters more than the safety of the children in your care. With daycare cleaning services from your local Shen, it’s easy to keep children protected against germs and bacteria — without the use of harsh or harmful chemicals. With our kid-friendly approach to cleaning, Shen is the trusted cleaning provider of American daycare centers and preschools.


Fitness centers

If you run a gym or fitness center, hygiene and customer safety are always a major concern. Between sweaty equipment, bacteria in change rooms, and the quality of air in your facility, you need a cleaning crew that’s up to the challenge. With Shen gym cleaning services, your facility will see Six-Star results on every clean. Shen’s combination of proven processes, exacting standards, and uncompromising customer service put our gym cleaning services on a whole new level.



Smooth and cost-effective operations are key to any government facility — that includes day-to-day cleaning. At Shen, our government cleaners offer professional cleaning for federal, state, and municipal facilities, delivering an exceptional clean at taxpayer-friendly costs. Discover a better clean today with help from the government cleaners at your local Shen. With our team on the job, you’ll benefit from proven systems for keeping your facility clean, attractive, and hygienic.


Industrial & Manufacturing

The Shen Company understands the needs of industrial facilities. Whether it’s the extra safety precautions and procedures involved in a factory setting or the unique challenges associated in cleaning heavy industrial facilities, we have the experienced staff ready to tackle nearly any task presented.


Schools & Universities

Schools can be a great breeding ground for germs if the proper cleaning systems are not in place to eliminate their spread at the point of contact. The Cleaning Company’s experience in cleaning schools will help reduce the spread of germs by setting up programs that will frequently clean and disinfect “high touch point” areas such as door handles and push plates, lockers, desktops, seating units etc.


Medical centers

The Cleaning Company offers specific programs for medical facilities. These programs include our staff receiving specialized training with regards to the proper cleanup and disposal of bloodborne pathogens and reducing the risk of cross contamination through very specific methods and procedures.



The Cleaning Company has vast experience cleaning retail facilities and the unique circumstances that are associated with working in a 24/7 environment. Safety of your customers is a top priority with regard to our cleaning operations. We are very aware of the potential for “slip and fall” accidents that are present and take extreme measures to reduce them.



Churches have a unique responsibility to use the blessings and resources that God has entrusted to them wisely and effectively. The Cleaning Company’s founder understands those responsibilities and we will help a church through the process of selecting a program that is both cost effective yet still provide the level of cleaning that church members expect.


Dental offices

Regular cleaning in the dental office from Shen specialists is the key to perfect cleanliness in the room 24/7. The perfect cleanliness guarantees compliance with safety requirements, and the ability to concentrate on professional duties, which in turn will help to provide patients with impeccable service.


Business centres

Cleanliness in a business center is not only an indicator of a high-class property but also a guarantee of the health of tenants and visitors. Saving on cleaning in this case means risking business and reputation in the market.


Cleaning of warehouses and logistic complexes

SHEN company offers a full range of services for cleaning warehouses and logistic complexes. Long-term experience and special control-system of quality guarantee a high level of service. We use only advanced solutions, modern equipment and tools from leading manufacturers. The detergents which our company uses are ecofriendly and absolutely safe for human health.

Cleaning of warehouses and logistic complexes

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

The SHEN Cleaning professional team will help you to present your vehicles for customers in an excellent way. We organize our staff for the fast cleaning service at the appointed time.


The company SHEN will keep the commercial building clean for being your business successful. Based on the contract, qualified personnel will improve the working environment using safe detergents. We offer individual partnerships, reasonable prices, flexible work schedules and solving complex tasks in the shortest possible time.

The major element of any company is the office. Important things like cleanliness and comfort in it matter a lot. Both the image and the success of the company depend on how clean the premise looks.

Nowadays hiring and keeping a staff  who clean your office is unprofitable and uncomfortable.The staff have to be trained and informed about all the responsibilities and the ropes of this case, and they need to be provided with the special inventory, the uniform and various detergents.

Thus, to keep your premises clean and tidy you need to hire a cleaning company, that is ready to provide complex cleaning of commercial real estate without any problems. The company SHEN provide these services, and have special equipment, trained workers and a variety of detergents that do not harm a human health.

You should come to professionals if your office needs cleaning. Our workers are specialists who have a huge experience and know their stuff. Each of our employees is punctual, polite and responsible. Absolutely all of our workers are provided with necessary equipment for quality cleaning.

What types of premises we clean

Our team will clean up premises of almost any type, namely:

  • business center ( the huge area, large corridors and many doors are distinguishing features of this type of building. It is almost impossible to clean up such territory without any help, but specialists from the “SHEN” company are ready to maintain cleanliness in this premise);
  • office (areas that are intended for offices should be cleaned daily. Because of the large number of people there is a rapid accumulation of dust, as well as dirt. Hence you should ask for help from cleaning managers);
  • hotel (perfectly clean accommodation is one of the most important qualities of any hotel which has a great impact on its image and reputation.You can trust us to maintain the order and do not worry about anything);
  • shopping mall (frequent visits do not have the best effect on the cleanliness of stores. Washing the floor with the chlorine once a day is not enough, therefore worth to invite real professionals);
  • airport (there is a large amount of open space at any airport which is constantly polluted by a huge flow of people. It is definitely impossible to clean up without the help of cleaners);
  • swimming pool and gym (customers want to see the gym cleaned and ready for the trainings);
  • private clinic, as well as other medical institutions (sterility and cleanliness is a good prevention of any diseases  and a guarantee of healthy body of each person.Daily cleaning is required for such premises).

What kind of services we offer

Our company offers the following types of cleaning the commercial real estate:

  • daily and general cleaning;
  • cleaning after construction;
  • dry cleaning of carpets and upholstered furniture;
  • washing both windows and show-windows;
  • complete cleaning of the adjacent area;
  • industrial climbing;
  • disinsection, disinfection and deratization.

What equipment we use

Our specialists use only professional detergents, tools, and other equipment during the workflow. We have also developed a special software that allows to keep the customer informed of absolutely all details of the work on the site.

Advantages of cooperation with the “SHEN”company

  • Our team organizes the process for each client individually;
  • the work is carried out by real professionals who know their stuff;
  • we provide risk insurance of customers;
  • we manage the service process with the help of special programs;
  • the company creates good conditions for cooperation and for remote control over the progress of work in the building.