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Gym and Fitness Centers cleaning services

Trusted & experienced Relable & insured Flexible schedule & fast booking Premium detergents & innovative equipment
We serve 1 291 669 sq. ft. of Fitness Centers


The conditions we create for our clients allow them to engage in their main activity. SHEN solves all cleaning issues.









Our advantages

  • only high quality cleaning service
  • detergents and equipment are of premium quality 
  • flexible schedule 24/7
  • liability insurance 
  • individual approach  
  • fast service 

Our professional gym cleaning service includes:

  • daily dry and wet cleaning;
  • deep cleaning;
  • disinfection of fitness equipment and surfaces;
  • floor and tile caring; 
  • cleaning of reception area, locker rooms, sauna and classes;
  • furniture cleaning and window and mirror washing; 
  • vacuuming and mopping;
  • odour removal and garbage disposal
  • sanitizing rubber and wooden surfaces, buttons, handles and mats

Cleaning services for fitness facilities

Activity clubs, gyms and fitness centers require a close attention for keeping the sports facility a clean and enjoyable place for all guests and sport addicted people. If you manage a gym or fitness center, customer safety and comfort must always be the main priorities.

Gyms and fitness centers are the most high risk places for transmitting illness. The combination of sweat, dust and frequently used places make them great shelters for viruses spreading. Professional cleaning services can minimize some of the risks, but you need more for protecting your guests.

The Shen cleaning experts make safety and health conditions a top priority in their work. We design an individual cleaning plan for your gym facility based on your demands and the highest cleanliness standards. Our experts use only non-toxic premium detergent and have all vital skills to create the fresh, clean, and welcoming sports environment for your guests.

How we clean gyms and fitness centres

We propose professional  gym cleaning services based on flexible scheduling that includes day and overnight cleaning. Our multi-year experience lets us complete any cleaning task and offer you the best professional solution. We can also add special unique services if you have special needs. The Shen team works to accommodate your requests, no matter their difficulty.

Our  professional cleaners maintain the perfect cleanliness and safe conditions at:

  • Gyms
  • Fitness centers
  • Crossfit area
  • Yoga studios
  • Health clubs
  • Tennis courts
  • Wellness and SPA
  • Recovery areas
  • Swimming pools
  • Showers and toilets;
  • Tanning salons;
  • Massage rooms;
  • Utility rooms.

The Shen experts carefully make your sport facility the best place for productive activity and maintain a perfect shape in Miami.

The Shen experts design a customizable individual plan to satisfy your facility`s cleaning demands. Usually our service for sports facilities includes general cleaning, equipment cleaning, window washing, restroom and locker rooms cleaning and disinfection.

Reliable and high-quality commercial cleaning services in Miami

Ready to keep your gym clean and safe? Get started with a free estimate. Call now  305-614-5092 for more details.


To Whom it May Concern: I have worked with Asima Facility Management for several months. They are very professional and courteous. The household helpers are great cleaners and organizers. They were all very accommodating and had a great attitude. May your company continue to grow and provide quality help to others in the community.

Sincerely, F. L. 05/05/2020

I wanted to write and express my deep appreciation for the women who did a deep clean of my home. The service was outstanding, exceptional, reliable, dependable, and extremely professional. Your company was my third attempt to find a good house cleaning service. The experience with your company was very friendly, knowledgeable, and answered all my questions. The call resulted in Ekaterina making a house visit to assess my needs and to sell a plan of action. She was very knowledgeable, very direct and had great communication skills to explain what, how and why certain services were needed. I immediately agreed to your services. The Women arrived at my home on time, and immediately surveyed the work and began to do the deep clean. They worked as a team and had a very positive attitude. She worked diligently and continually asked questions to clarify what I wanted. She followed up to make sure it was exactly what I wanted. She also pitched in to help clean. Because of all these factors, I am extending my contract to additional regular cleaning and have recommended your services to several people.

Nicolas, Miami-Beach,FL 02/12/2019

The quality of cleaning is excellent. They are dependable. A morning appointment is very important to me and they always keep that time frame. I also feel very confident that my home is secure during their visits. The quality of service and peace of mind is worth the extra expense I may pay. Got a lot done in short amount of time. House looks and smells great!

Kris R., Miami, FL 27/11/2019

I used Shen services today for the first time today, and I couldn’t be more impressed. I have lived in Florida for 30 years and have used many a cleaning service. Shen scrubbed all three full bathrooms inside and out, as well and vacuumed and wiped clean all window sills and ledges throughout the entire house. Shen is the first service that does the job right. Highly recommend them!

Kris Rudell, Miami, FL 15/11/2019

Great, fast, reliable service with a smile. In 5 hours that the girls was here, my house was transformed, even the grime on the patio doors, that we couldn’t do anything about in years,was gone! once they were done, they came to ask me to walk thru to make sure i was satisfied! I am very pleased with their service

Adam D., Miami, FL 09/10/2019

Hello, I can tell you everything. You won’t be mistaken if you invite this company to your house, after arrival you will have a comfortable and pleasant breathing in your house. Be sure to call. Cleaning lady this company will always come to the rescue.

Lora Portnoy, Sunny Isles, FL 06/09/2019

How do you clean a fitness center?

Our team provides a high-quality cleaning service for gyms, fitness, yoga studios and pilates centres, boxing gyms. Usually our customizable individual plan includes general cleaning, equipment cleaning, window washing, restroom and locker rooms cleaning and disinfection. Shen cleaners also pay close attention to floor understanding the unique surface types common in gyms and fitness centers.

How do you calculate cleaning costs?

First of all we propose to make a free examination of your facility to estimate size, traffic intensity, condition of the building, frequency of cleaning. After such an audit our experts will give a free quote for one-time and regular cleaning service. Shen cleaners charge hourly and the price on our fitness centre cleaning service starts from $30.

The Benefits of hiring professional cleaning team?

We have essential equipment, detergents and expertise to keep your gym looking great, safe and healthy. We propose flexibility in scheduling during non-peak hours or after your business hours. So your members always get a pristine gym environment without the interruptions and discomfort of a cleaning staff.

What does fitness centre cleaning services include?

Our standard cleaning chek-list consists of welcoming entrances and inviting workout areas cleaning, wall mirrors and equipment detailed cleaning, gym mats and floor scrubbing, locker rooms and bathroom disinfecting, office space cleaning and touchpoints sanitizing. Our team helps to get rid of dust and dirt and maintain a perfect cleanliness at your facility.

What cleaning chemicals are appropriate for cleaning gyms?

Hospital disinfectant detergents with 10% bleach are suitable for gym facility. Our team uses different detergents matching to different surfaces not to cause corrosive on metal gym components or cracking dye on equipment and furniture.

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