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Detailed home cleaning service

Trusted & experienced Relable & insured Flexible schedule & fast booking Premium detergents & innovative equipment


The conditions we create for our clients allow them to engage in their main activity. SHEN solves all cleaning issues.









Our advantages

  • high-quality cleaning service
  • premium detergents
  • liability insurance
  • affordable prices
  • friendly 24/7 customer service
  • only background-verified staff
  • fast booking
  • personal offers for regular customers

Our detailed cleaning service may include:

  • wet-wiping of hard-to-reach items, including doors corners and frames, handles, light switch plates, ceiling fans and baseboards
  • deep vacuum and steam cleaning of carpets
  • dust and wet-wipe all furniture and under the items
  • removing coweb
  • vacuum and mop hard surface floors
  • scrub and clean sinks, bath, showers and bathroom furniture
  • tile caring
  • cleaning and polishing glass and wooden surfaces

A healthy family begins with a clean home

Our detailed cleaning service is usually performed before special events, celebrations, holidays or on a regular base for keeping your space safe and healthy. We pay close attention to every detail in your home not to miss any grain of dust, cobwebs or mold.

From lamps and window sills to tile grout and baseboards our professional team makes all surfaces in your home perfectly pristine and spotless. The Shen experts design an individual cleaning plan based on your requests and needs. Our multi-year professional experience lets us tackle all cleaning problems and propose you the best and affordable solution.

Bathrooms detailed cleaning

Bathrooms usually tend to fast collect a lot of dust, dirt, soup stains and even mold. The Shen cleaning experts pay close attention to hard-to-reach places and neglected pollution. Our detailed bathroom cleaning includes:

  • tile walls and floor caring
  • bathtubs and showers cleaning
  • toilets and sinks cleaning and disinfection
  • mirrors and glass surfaces polishing
  • shelves and decors dusting

Kitchens detailed cleaning

The kitchen is often the main center of activity in every home. Place for cooking, eating, meeting with a cup of tea, celebrations and family suppers. Of course regardless of your occupation you want your kitchen to look pristine. That’s why you need more than just vacuuming after dinner. Out service includes detailed cleaning of:

  • cabinets
  • drawers
  • kitchen appliances
  • countertop surface
  • oven
  • extractor hood
  • cookstove

Living Areas

The common areas of your home receive a lot of attention from family members. Guests visits, watching movies, celebrations, family evenings makes these places especially cozy and frequently visited. The professional cleaning team cares for your relaxing home space and creates safe and comfortable conditions for together pleasure. The Shen professionally takes care of:

  • upholstered furniture
  • carpets and decor elements
  • wooden floor
  • stairs
  • windows
  • screens

Sleeping Areas

A detailed bedroom cleaning makes your sleeping space more cozy and comfortable. We`re sure the quality of your sleep and relaxing directly depends on cleanliness and safety of your bedroom. That’s why our experts propose a complex detailed cleaning service including:

  • bed making
  • doors and door frames cleaning
  • lamps and shelves cleaning
  • window sills and blinds cleaning
  • vacuuming carpets
  • steam-cleaning of upholstery furniture and night stands
  • decluttering

We offer to Miami homeowners high-quality and absolutely customer-friendly cleaning services. The Shen team strives to satisfy all your cleaning needs and creates a pristine and healthy environment.


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