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Yard and patio cleaning service

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The conditions we create for our clients allow them to engage in their main activity. SHEN solves all cleaning issues.









Our advantages

  • high quality cleaning and maintaining service
  • eco-friendly detergents
  • liability insurance
  • friendly 24/7 customer service
  • background-verified staff
  • affordable prices
  • fast booking

Our professional cleaning service may include:

  • window cleaning
  • gazebo and summer terrace cleaning
  • grill and barbeque cleaning
  • patio furniture and cushions  cleaning
  • washing walkways and driveways
  • decluttering
  • vacuuming and hand brushing of patio umbrellas
  • porch screen cleaning
  • lawn maintenance
  • flower bed service

Professional Patio cleaning service in Miami

A well-maintained and beautiful patio  is the hallmark of your home. Just imagine after a long exhausted day you can go out to the perfectly clean yard, enjoy the cup of tea at a cozy patio armchair and free your mind.  Agree sounds like an ideal way to relax.

Or maybe you had a friend’s BBQ party recently. And now you need to wash your grill, clean the yard and patio furniture. Our professional cleaning team will become your universal helper who can tackle all cleaning tasks.

Cleaning and maintaining a patio takes a lot of time and afford, and then bigger your yard, that more attention it requires. Fortunately, we are here to release your time and take care of your home. Let the Shen team complete all your cleaning tasks and concentrate on what really matters.

We design an individual cleaning plan for homeowners who don’t have the time, equipment or just aren’t interested in doing hard yard work and household cleaning duties. Typically, our patio cleaning service includes leaf removal, gazebo and summer terrace cleaning, grill and barbeque cleaning, patio furniture and cushions cleaning, washing walkways and driveways, decluttering, landscape design, industrial climbing.

Our great-experienced staff provide high-quality and efficient patio cleaning services in Miami and guarantee the best cleaning results for affordable prices. Our team provides services in the most professional manner and pays close attention to details and hard to reach areas.

A patio or backyard is a favourite place where families gather for celebrations and relaxation. That’s why it’s essential to ensure safe conditions for time spending. Professional cleaning service helps to diminish a spreading of bacterias, moss and mold.

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Benefits of professional yard cleaning service?

For effective maintenance of your patio space you need to have a lot of professional equipment like pressure washers, driveway cleaning machines, steam cleaners and other detergents. Except this you also need enough free time because yard and patio cleaning is a long process with many painstaking tasks. That's why to hire a professional cleaning team is a more beneficial decision. Trust your cleaning duties to the Shen experts and save your time and money.

How much does it cost to clean a yard?

Patio and yard clean up service usually can cost between $100 and $500, but usually it combined with other services (window and facade cleaning, washing walkways and driveways, lawn maintenance, patio furniture cleaning), so the final price can vary depending on what type of services your patio needs.

What does a yard clean up consist of?

Our professional cleaning service may include: gazebo and summer terrace cleaning, grill and barbeque cleaning, patio furniture and cushions cleaning, washing walkways and driveways, decluttering, vacuuming and hand brushing of patio umbrellas, porch screen cleaning, lawn maintenance, flower bed service, facade and window washing.

What areas do you service?

We offer professional yard cleaning services throughout Miami including Pompano Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Miami Beach, Miami, Kendall.

How often should I clean my yard or patio area?

Three or four times a year is usually enough. This frequency is the most optimal cause it allows detergents to act fully while don't clutter your yard. Remember then longer dirt and grime cover surfaces, that harder it is to delete it. That's why regular maintenance and cleaning are the key aspects of keeping your yard and patio in attractive view and safe condition.

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