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Call for $25 off your First Cleaning

Call for $25 off your First Cleaning

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Condominium cleaning is a key aspect of any real estate property. The unique and spacious environment associated with condominium living requires a creative cleaning and maintenance approach. At Shen, we’re committed to ensuring we offer quality condominium cleaning services to help your building remain clean, attractive, and safe for residents and visitors. We’re a high-end company that offers condominium cleaning services to clients in and around Miami. Every staff member at Shen has successfully completed a detailed cleaning training program to offer you a thorough service that meets your expectations. Should you have an emergency that requires immediate attention, our expert cleaning team is always on hand to promptly attend to your needs.

A years of experience and a responsible approach to the work has made the SHEN company a leader in the market of the cleaning services. Our specialization is an impeccable cleaning service using professional equipment and harmless detergents. Cleanliness is not the only our priority, but also your time, as well as comfort for residents and guests in the building. Therefore, cleaning is carried out at strictly scheduled hours without any fuss.

Cleaning services of SHEN

Our responsibilities include complex or partial cleaning of condominiums. We carry out various types of cleaning procedures according to a contract:

  • daily maintenance of cleanliness;
  • scheduled cleaning on convenient days;
  • general cleaning after repair work;
  • manual cleaning or using special equipment;
  • wet cleaning;
  • final disinfection.

Cleaning includes the removal of garbage, dirt and dust from the premises by:

  • sweeping and mopping;
  • cleaning carpets with a vacuum cleaner;
  • removing stains and other types of dirt from furniture;
  • washing windows at any height with the help of climbing equipment;
  • wiping radiators, lamps and other interior elements.

Our task is to clean up every corner of the room, including

  • entrances and exits of the building;
  • corridors;
  • bathrooms;
  • elevators;
  • rest rooms;
  • sport halls;
  • meeting rooms;
  • game rooms.

The list of all services compiles on an individual schedule taking into account all client’s wishes. A professional approach allows us to clean your house or an office quickly and efficiently, regardless of the level of pollution and the size of the room.  Only proven and safe chemicals are used.

Why choose us

Our company guarantees the proper implementation of all points in the agreed contract. We are serious about the hiring of people, and therefore only highly qualified personnel work for us. Staff checked by security. They work in the neat uniform and are always friendly.

We will offer a rational plan for the cleaning the premises with the required schedule and a convenient way of payment. Just call us and we will quickly send you specialists for the cleaning commercial offices, condos and other real estates. Using the best practices allows us to achieve a perfect result.

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