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Call for $25 off your First Cleaning

Call for $25 off your First Cleaning

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Indoor cleaning

Cleaning consists of dusting, washing and polishing surfaces; washing walls; mopping, sweeping and polishing floors; as well as disposing of waste and waste water. It is done in offices, public and commercial buildings, homes and factories.


Outdoor cleaning

Offering a range of professional residential cleaning, commercial cleaning, and strata cleaning throughout Florida, our outdoor cleaning services ensure that your property is clean, well presented and well maintained.


Office support

We care about your clients first impression of your office. That is why we provide professional and reliable office cleaning contractors, with carefully structured cleaning schedules to ensure you get the most from our services. With years of experience and servicing countless offices daily, our office cleaners are fast, efficient, and thorough at keeping your working environment clean and presentable to clients.


Industrial climbing

•Window cleaning •Window washing in hard-to-reach areas using industrial mountaineering, basket type lifters, built-in washing system or scaffolds. •Facade wash •Cleaning of various industrial buildings, •bunkers, hangars •Cleaning of roofs of private houses, •office complexes, industrial buildings, •cornice cleaning of paintings •Roof cleaning •Cleaning the roof and drainage systems •from the leaves and mosses •Installation of ventilation and conditioning equipment •Christmas and New Year decoration installation


Post Construction Cleaning

Our construction cleaning services include: Rough Interior Construction Clean Up: The first stage of post-construction cleaning. We remove all debris from the worksite. We also scrape and sweep floors for carpet installation, wash windows and dust all surfaces.


Landscape design

Our company offers full-service landscape design for residential, commercial, community and municipal projects. With our depth of collective experience and wealth of reliable resources, we can build a sustainable landscape of any size, to any specifications, to meet your requirements and deliver on your vision.



No interior can do without phyto compositions. Our experienced phyto designers will help to design the interior using plants and other green decor. They will create an external harmony, taking into account the amount of light, the temperature, the irrigation system, and choose the stylistically suitable pots and plants