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Call for $25 off your First Cleaning

Call for $25 off your First Cleaning

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House cleaning services

25% off on first cleaning

Cleaning from SHEN the leader in cleaning companies, means a complete removal of every kind of dirt in your house with complete confidence in the safety of your things. We pay attention to the details. We effectively manage our high-quality  employees and handle tasks at every level of complexity. Our cleanings are carried out with the help of modern equipment and safe chemicals.

Antimicrobial & Disinfection service

During the epidemic / quarantine period, it is important to carry out wet cleanings more often, as well as regularly treat surfaces with disinfectants.

When carrying out wet cleanings of floor coverings, we add a chlorine-based disinfectant to the detergent in compliance with the appropriate dosages.

We carry out the treatment of such surfaces as door handles, handrails, railings, faucets, and taps every few hours. We use a special detergent Clorox with an alcohol content of at least 90%. We spray it on a napkin and wipe the surfaces.

25% off on first cleaning

Book apartment cleaning

Types of house cleaning

House cleaning includes the washing of:

  • floors, walls, ceilings
  • windows and balconies
  • lighting fixtures
  • mirrors and decorative elements
  • doors and plinths
  • blinds
  • heating radiators
  • kitchen furniture and appliances

Our company specialists  carry out the following types of cleaning:

  • daily
  • wet
  • planned
  • general
  • eco
  • after repair or fire
  • dry cleaning of carpets, upholstered furniture and curtains

Each part of the house is cleaned, including corridors,bathrooms,verandas,dressing rooms, etc.

The kitchen cleaning includes the washing of cookers, ovens, and fridges. Wepay special attention to the sink and dishwashing areas. Bathroom cleaning is carried out with thorough disinfection of all surfaces. Delicate and expensive surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned without damaging them. Dust is removed from the decorative elements, crystal products, fragile items, shelves, cabinets and from hard-to-reach surfaces. After the work of our specialists, there won't even be the slightest trace of dirt and it will become easier to breathe.

What the customer receiveswith SHEN

We guarantee you an integrated approach to the implementation of the tasks assigned to us. The use of modern equipment allows us to clean up in the shortest possible time in even large  houses. The use of only safe detergents ensures the safehealth of adults, children, and animals.

Our staff of veteran employeesgives us the ability to select the best detergents for any s surfaces.  We can handle  even deep stains in a short time without  damaging delicate surfaces. Our staff is not only competent, but also politeYou can be sure of their professionalism and decency.  We are ready to go to your home or facility on any day, including holidays. We accept applications 24 hours a day. We give a 100% guarantee on the performance of work of any complexity. We strictly comply with all requirementsspecified inyour contract.

We work in all areas of Miami.

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