class a 1 470x452 - Class A building

Class A commercial office buildings are the highest quality buildings on the market. As a rule, these are the most beautiful buildings with the best layouts, high quality infrastructure, good location and professional management. Cleaning of Class A commercial office buildings is focused on the highest quality cleaning. The cleaning of the Class A office building aims to keep the infrastructure in top condition. When cleaning a Class A commercial office building, you can count on our trained cleaners to be professional and well-groomed.

class a 2 470x452 - Class A building

Cleaning services for Class A commercial office buildings include a range of daily cleaning duties such as:

  • Get rid of rubbish in an office building
  • Vacuum and mop common aisles throughout the building.
  • Sweep trash in a commercial office building
  • Cleaning interior windows in offices
  • Cleaning and dusting inside an office building
  • Office building bathroom maintenance (e.g. cleaning floors, cleaning bathroom sinks and stalls, replenishing supplies)
class a 3  470x452 - Class A building