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Condo cleaning services

Professional cleaning is a key aspect of successful real estate management. Shen company offers high-quality condominium cleaning services for helping your facility to remain clean, attractive, and safe for residents and visitors. Every staff member of Shen has successfully completed a cleaning training program to offer you a perfect service. If you have an emergency that requires immediate attention, our expert cleaning team is always on hand to promptly attend to your needs. Cleanliness is not only look, but it's also your health, as well as comfort for residents and guests of the building. We care of your time therefore, cleaning is provided at strictly scheduled hours without any fuss.

We serve 398 265 sq. ft. of Condominium
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Cleaning services of SHEN

According to your requests Shen experts provide various types of cleaning services such as:

  • daily cleaning;
  • scheduled cleaning on booked days;
  • general cleaning after repair work and celebrations;
  • wet or dry cleaning;
  • deep cleaning with disinfection.

Cleaning includes the removal of garbage, dirt and dust from the premises by:

  • sweeping and mopping;
  • cleaning carpets with a vacuum cleaner;
  • removing stains and other types of dirt from furniture;
  • washing windows at any height with the help of climbing equipment;
  • wiping radiators, lamps and other interior elements.

Our experts clean all spaces and surfaces, paying special attention to: 

  • entrances and exits of the building;
  • corridors;
  • bathrooms;
  • elevators;
  • rest rooms;
  • sport halls;
  • meeting rooms;
  • game rooms.

The list of clean services is constituted based on your requests and acceptable time for you. A professional approach allows us to clean your space quickly and efficiently, regardless of the level of pollution and the size of the room.  

Why choose us

Shen experts complete their tasks with professional approach and responsible attitude. We pay a lot of attention to our staff skills and job experience.

We offer to you a rational cleaning plan with flexible schedule and a convenient way of payment. Just call us and our cleaning experts will implement your desire to have a clean space into reality.

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