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Day Care Centers and Preschools cleaning services

When you run a daycare or preschool, nothing matters more than the safety of the children in your care. With daycare cleaning services from your local Shen, it’s easy to keep children protected against germs and bacteria — without the use of harsh or harmful chemicals. With our kid-friendly approach to cleaning, Shen is the trusted cleaning provider of American daycare centers and preschools.

We serve 16 146 sq. ft. of Day Care Centers and Preschools
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The SHEN company shows a special care for the details when cleaning the preschools. We use only natural detergents that do not cause allergic reactions and reliably remove all types of pollution, as well as modern equipment.

Day care centre and the importance of the maintaining cleanliness in it

The cleaning in a preschool should be carried out strictly according to the schedule and comply with sanitary standards. This is very important, because children’s health directly depends on it. The use of natural detergents and disinfectants by our company remove the possibility of allergic reactions. The high quality of the materials helps to remove all types of dirt and destroys microbes, preventing the growth of epidemics and other dangerous diseases.

We offer following types of the cleaning

1. Daily wet cleaning in the building:

  • mopping;
  • washing window sills;
  • washing lockers for clothes;
  • gyms, rooms for music lessons.

2. General cleaning which must be carried out monthly according to the epidemiological instructions, includes washing of lighting devices, doors, floors and walls, with the use of disinfectants.

3. Maintaining cleanliness and order around the building of the building.

You need a janitor and a room cleaner for maintaining the cleanliness and order in the kindergarten.

Cleaning Detergents

When servicing children’s centers, we use only safe cleaning products in combination with modern equipment and advanced technologies. Our detergents help to remove odors, dust, dirt, bacterias and fungus providing maximum protection against the growth of infections.

Here you can order cleaning of such premises of preschool institutions:

  • Group rooms (include a reception, playroom, bedroom, pantry and bathrooms);
  • The room of the medical unit;
  • Gyms and rooms for music lessons;
  • Cabinets of management;
  • Kitchen and dining room;
  • Laundry.

Why choose us

A good reputation is very important for the SHEN company. We will provide the best service for children’s centers because of:

  • Modern equipment and the latest technologies that allow to remove the most polluted places;
  • The staff is selected carefully, trained and tested before employment.
  • We strictly comply with the agreed deadlines for the work, if necessary we are ready to work 24 hours a day;
  • Preschool centers require special attention, we will provide the cleaning that meets sanitary standards;
  • We use only safe chemistry;
  • If necessary, we work on weekends and holidays.

 Children are our future. Choose a quality cleaning by contacting our company.

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