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Gym and Fitness Centers cleaning services

If you run a gym or fitness center, hygiene and customer safety are always a major concern. Between sweaty equipment, bacteria in change rooms, and the quality of air in your facility, you need a cleaning crew that’s up to the challenge. With Shen gym cleaning services, your facility will see Six-Star results on every clean. Shen’s combination of proven processes, exacting standards, and uncompromising customer service put our gym cleaning services on a whole new level.

We serve 1 291 669 sq. ft. of Fitness Centers
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There is nothing impossible for the market leader of cleaning services SHEN. Upon request, we will carry out a general cleaning of the fitness center using safe chemicals. We guarantee a rapid reaction, high level of cleanliness, first-class service and highly effective solutions to remove any types of dirt. We offer flexible working hours and affordable prices for all types of services.

Every day more and more people are interested in a healthy lifestyle, as well as maintaining the body in a good shape.Thus a huge number of sports centers have been opened for a short period of time. Cleanliness is not just a guarantee of a good image but it is also important for the well-being and health of people who regularly visit the gym.

Cleaning of this type of premise is quite complicated due to the fact that there are diverse premises which require special tools and detergents for cleaning. Also the huge number of simulators, equipment and other inventory makes the task more difficult. The best option is to contact the specialists of the cleaning company SHEN.

What the cleaning may include

A complex approach is required to clean the fitness centers. Due to the fact that there are many diverse premises, it is necessary to carry out various types of work, such as:

  • dry and wet cleaning of both walls and floors, both furniture and other surfaces;
  • disinfection and cleaning of sports equipment;
  • dry cleaning of carpets and upholstered furniture;
  • disinfection, cleaning of showers and toilets;
  • daily and general cleaning;
  • full cleaning of the adjacent area;
  • washing windows;
  • garbage disposal;
  • water removal near the showers or swimming pools.

What kind of premises we clean

In the most buildings where sports centers are located, there are also many other facilities for wellness and sports, namely:

  • fitness or dance group rooms;
  • swimming pools;
  • baths and saunas;
  • changing rooms, as well as showers and toilets;
  • tanning salons;
  • massage rooms;
  • utility rooms.

It is important to remember that each of these rooms needs high-quality and regular cleaning with special detergents for each of the surfaces.

Advantages of working with the SHEN company

  • Our team organizes the process for each client individually;
  • the work is carried out by real professionals who know their stuff;
  • we provide risk insurance of customers;
  • we manage the service process with the help of special programs;
  • create good conditions for cooperation and for remote control over the progress of work in the building.

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