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Call for $25 off your First Cleaning

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Hotel cleaning services

Shen cleaning services are the perfect match for your hotel or resort. Whether you’re running a large, multi-use complex or a cozy roadside bed and breakfast, we will create the perfect environment for your guest. Shen hotel cleaning services are trusted for the spotless results we deliver, our extraordinary attention to detail, and our unbending commitment to serving our clients. With our experience across multiple industries, our cleaners deliver professional results everywhere from your hotel’s rooms, to its kitchen, to amenities like gyms and saunas.

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The company SHEN will help to maintain the high status of an elite hotel by bringing cleanliness to it on a regular basis with a highest quality. We guarantee an individual approach, a convenient schedule, the safety of a personal effects and a rapid reaction on your order. In the work we use high-quality and expensive household chemicals. We take a work in any complexity.

Timely and high-quality hotel cleaning is important not only for creating a cozy and quiet atmosphere but also for the health of  your guests.

If you have neither the desire, nor the time to select really good maids by yourself and take care of providing them with the necessary cleaning supplies, then you should not do this.

Just leave all the worries to the cleaning company SHEN which will definitely be able to help, or rather, will do all of the work for you! And then the guests of your hotel will definitely be satisfied.

Cleaning is a range of services that allows hotel owners to maintain the image of the company at the highest level.

Professional cleaning of hotels may include

The everyone knows the fact that hotels are complicated objects for the cleaning process. Every room  after each visitor needs a comprehensive cleaning with strong disinfectants which at the same time do not harm people. Our company provides the following types of services:

  • removing dust with professional tools, chemicals and vacuum cleaners;
  • washing floors, both manually and with special equipment;
  • general cleaning the rooms and toilet rooms;
  • cleaning facades, windows and walls from dirt and dust;
  • cleaning the adjacent territory, look after the lawns and landscape design;
  • we work seasonally: remove snow or leaves;
  • garbage disposal, etc.

What premises we work with

Our company is ready to do the cleaning even in the most remote corner of your hotel, such as:

  • residential part of the hotel;
  • lobby area;
  • cafes, restaurants;
  • sports premises, swimming pools or other places where guests spend their free time;
  • domestic premises;
  • offices;
  • technical rooms.

Why you should choose us

  • Our team organizes the process for each client individually;
  • the work is carried out by real professionals who know their stuff;
  • we provide risk insurance of customers;
  • we manage the service process with the help of special programs;
  • create good conditions for cooperation and for remote control over the progress of work in the building.

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