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Medical Centre cleaning services

The Cleaning Company offers specific programs for medical facilities. These programs include our staff receiving specialized training with regards to the proper cleanup and disposal of bloodborne pathogens and reducing the risk of cross contamination through very specific methods and procedures. We strive to provide your patients with an extra level of comfort knowing that their medical provider is clean and sanitary. Extra emphasis is placed on properly disinfecting furnishings in common areas such as waiting rooms and restrooms to prevent the further spread of germs.

We serve 269 098 sq. ft. of Medical Centers
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The company SHEN  will clean your premise at your convenience. We take orders around the clock and work on a well-established schedule in a compliance with deadlines. We use professional equipment, safe chemistry and proven supplies. We clean a large rooms in a short time. We focus on impeccable quality and customer satisfaction.

The cleanliness of medical institutions is not just good and comfortable condition for a stay, but also a guarantee of patient’s good health. Almost everyone who visits polyclinics or hospitals with their diseases is very afraid to catch something due to the fact that sanitary standards in such buildings are not respected fully.

That is why it is very important to cooperate with a company that provides quality cleaning services.

What kind of medical institutions we clean

Our company is ready to do the cleaning in any institution, such as:

  • hospitals;
  • polyclinics;
  • medical institutes of different studies;
  • dispanceries;
  • clinics;
  • health and rehabilitation complexes.

What the cleaning may include

Everyone knows the fact that medical buildings are complex objects regarding the cleaning process. In general, it is important to comply with the schedule of cleaning, and it is needed to use only strong disinfectants which will not harm people.

Our company provides the following types of services:

  • removing dust with professional tools, chemicals and vacuum cleaners;
  • washing floors, both manually and with special equipment;
  • disinfection of common rooms, single rooms, toilets, showers and other rooms;
  • we keep full cleanliness in the toilets;
  • we do general cleaning;
  • cleaning facades, windows and walls from dirt and dust;
  • we clean the adjacent territory, look after the lawns, landscape design;
  • we work seasonally: remove snow or leaves;
  • garbage disposal;
  • clean medical equipment, etc.

Advantages of working with SHEN company

  • Our team organizes the process for each client individually;
  • the work is carried out by real professionals who know their stuff;
  • we provide risk insurance of customers;
  • we manage the service process with the help of special programs;
  • create good conditions for cooperation and for remote control over the progress of work in the building.

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