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SHEN has the knowledge and experience to provide the best commercial floor care and cleaning for all types of commercial and industrial facilities, including hospitals, schools, universities.

Each type of hard surface flooring requires special care to maintain its original brightness and surface texture. Whether your flooring is vinyl, ceramic, marble, stone, tile or other materials, you can rely on our experts to handle every task.

Shen uses the most advanced and innovative floor cleaning products, equipment and methods available in the industry to achieve optimal results for your floors.

You can trust our people to keep your hard surface floors looking their best and lasting durability.

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Our common commercial floor cleaning services include:

  • Floor waxing service
  • Floor stripping
  • Scrubbing and Floor cleaning
  • Pressure cleaning
  • Grout Cleaning
  • High speed polishing
At Shen we specialize in the cleaning of any floor surface, including wood, marble, stone and, of course, vinyl. Our professional floor cleaners are trained experts in every type of surface. Many commercial buildings are now installing stone floors such as ceramic tile, granite, marble and terrazzo. Although these floors may not need the frequent care that resilient tile floors need, they still need to be maintained regularly in order to keep the stone and grout looking good. If not maintained properly, the floor and grout will start to look dull and dirty. Reach out to Shen on our website today for getting a free quote on our commercial floor care service. Let’s get you one step closer to maintained and beautiful floors.
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