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Apartment cleaning

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The SHEN cleaning company provides apartment cleaning services for every need. We arrive at the appointed time and carry out full-cleaning services to every corner of a room. We use professional equipment, safe chemicals, and the latest methodologies to provide you with the best possible service. Only trusted employees work for us. You can leave us your keys and fully entrust the apartment for cleaning without worrying about the safety of your things.

Antimicrobial & Disinfection service

During the epidemic / quarantine period, it is important to carry out wet cleanings more often, as well as regularly treat surfaces with disinfectants.

When carrying out wet cleanings of floor coverings, we add a chlorine-based disinfectant to the detergent in compliance with the appropriate dosages.

We carry out the treatment of such surfaces as door handles, handrails, railings, faucets, and taps every few hours. We use a special detergent Clorox with an alcohol content of at least 90%. We spray it on a napkin and wipe the surfaces.

Types of cleaning provided by SHEN, a market leader in cleaning:

Our company specialists carry out the following types of apartment cleanings:

  • daily
  • wet
  • planned
  • general
  • after repair or fire
  • dry cleaning of carpet, upholstered furniture and curtains

Book apartment cleaning

We will bring all the rooms in the house to the perfect condition:

  • Bathroom. Services include: Wiping floor and wall tiles, cleaning cabinets and shelves, removing traces of mold on walls and ceiling, cleaning rust spots, cleaning the washbasin and mirror, washing the toilet.
  • Kitchen. Services include: Removing traces of grease on the stove, mopping and removing dust, cleaning the kitchen fan, polishing furniture, disinfecting ovens and sinks, dry cleaning natural surfaces.
  • Living rooms. Services include: Cleaning carpets with a vacuum cleaner, removing stains on upholstered furniture, wiping windows and window sills, removing dust from plinths, lamps, doors, mirrors and other surfaces.

Each square foot in the apartment will be brought to the perfect cleanliness with certified and safe detergents.

Why choose us

You can conclude an agreement on cleaning the apartments on a regular basis. All prescribed clauses in the contract are always strictly implemented. Specialists arrive at the facility at the exact time and quickly clean the apartment to an ideal result. We quickly clean delicate and expensive surfaces from dirt of any kind. Modern technology and equipment is used during the cleaning. This allows us to effectively clean greasy surfaces and surfaces with difficult stains.

We carry out cleaning on holidays and weekends. Professionally trained staff will cope with any tasks, and you will be able to go about your business. We scrupulously treat even the smallest details. We will choose the appropriate detergents with you to assure there are no components that could cause allergic reactions.

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