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Call for $25 off your First Cleaning

Call for $25 off your First Cleaning

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Indoor cleaning

The cleaning by SHEN company is the standard of cleanliness of the premises. We provide impeccable service thanks to carefully trained personnel, the use of modern technology and strictly organized workflow. A clear work schedule, a convenient form of payment, high quality standards, certified detergents are our methods of working with private person or small companies, as well as with large international companies.

Cleaning of all types of premises

Our experts deal with the cleaning of any residential premises:

  • private houses;
  • apartments;
  • cottages;
  • country villas;
  • luxury apartments.

The qualification of our employees allows to serve quickly and efficiently

  • banks and hotels;
  • office buildings;
  • car dealerships;
  • shopping centers;
  • fitness rooms;
  • medical institutions;
  • shops;
  • cafes and restaurants.

Regardless of the type of private house or commercial space, everything will be put in full order with special care. The cleaning of premises is carried out with taking into account the specificities of the building. We carefully select the detergents and choose the cleaning technology.

Types of services

To make the premises perfectly clean, the company provides the following services:

  • wiping floors and walls;
  • washing carpets;
  • dry cleaning of upholstered furniture;
  • washing windows and showcases;
  • disinfection and disinsection.

SHEN offers to order

  • daily cleaning in apartments and houses;
  • scheduled cleaning according to the pre-established schedule;
  • general cleaning after celebration of any event;
  • cleaning up the premise after repair work.

Why choose us

Only professional equipment is used in our work by specially trained personnel. Our workers are in a neat clothes and with a clear plan of what must be done for the perfect cleanliness and order.

We create an individual work scheme for each object. The customer can control the service using specially developed software. You are guaranteed with a high-quality result from the market leader in cleaning services, regardless of the degree of the pollution and the requirements of the contract. Everything is fast, quality and without disclosing confidential information.

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