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Post Construction Cleaning

A cleaning company SHEN, a leader in servicing the residential and commercial premises, offers a post-construction cleaning service. We have professionals with extensive experience. We carry out cleaning of any complexity on small and large objects. We provide a full list of services and make quality control. We work on a flexible schedule based on a contract.

Post construction cleaning is a full complex of works at an affordable price

Shen carries out a full complex of works to prepare the premises for commissioning. Our task includes:

  • removal of construction garbage;
  • washing of windows and facades;
  • removal of the remains of solution, traces of paints and whitewash from various surfaces;
  • dust removal from hard-to-reach surfaces;
  • washing floors and walls.

The cleaning is carried out in several stages in order to bring the building to a perfect condition. The staff uses a modern equipment. The presence of powerful vacuum cleaners and other equipment allows us to remove dust completely and makes it possible to cope with other tasks quickly.

Some part of the work can be carried out at the stage of construction. Interim cleaning allows to tidy up the room after rough work and prepare it for the end of finishing operations.

Cleaning is carried out  in the following sequence:

  • removal of large garbage;
  • removal of small particles of construction debris and dust from walls, ceilings, floors, as well as engineering and decorative structures;
  • primary cleaning using dry and wet cleaning;
  • deep cleaning from persistent pollution;

the final stage, which includes the removal of the finest dust, polishing furniture, fixtures, as well as washing windows and other surfaces.

Professional staff and technical equipment allows to provide the post-repair cleaning service  for such premises, as:

  • apartments and private houses;
  • cottages and villas;
  • production facilities;
  • multi-storey apartment complexes;
  • shopping malls;
  • business centers.

Why choose us

We take a leading position in the field of cleaning and have restrictive approach to our work. The list of works is limited only by the wishes of the client. We clean rooms of any size quickly, efficiently and on time. We achieve the maximum result by doing our job step-by-step according to a pre-compiled plan.

We start the cleaning of objects regardless of their degree of pollution. Round-the-clock processing of orders, including weekends and holidays. We quickly resolve the disputes in favor of the client. We use only certified detergents.

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