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Retail cleaning services

The Cleaning Company has vast experience cleaning retail facilities and the unique circumstances that are associated with working in a 24/7 environment. Safety of your customers is a top priority with regard to our cleaning operations. We are very aware of the potential for “slip and fall” accidents that are present and take extreme measures to reduce them. By using floor cleaning equipment and chemicals that significantly reduce that risk we are able to provide a safe shopping experience and environment for both your customers and employees.

We serve 1 614 586 sq. ft. of Retail
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What does it mean to be a market leader for our company? This means to provide a qualified personnel for the cleaning, to offer a round-the-clock service, to use safe and effective detergents, to use the professional equipment, as well as to control the quality of services. We work around costumer’s schedule and properly do the job within clear time frames.

All types of services at an affordable price

We provide the following types of the retail cleaning :

  • daily;
  • wet;
  • planned;
  • general;
  • after repair;
  • dry cleaning of carpets, linoleum.

Daily cleaning takes about 10-15 minutes every day. Wet cleaning removes traces of dirt and dust. Planned cleaning of the store removes effects of big flow of people over the week. General cleaning is a full cleaning according to a pre-scheduled plan. It is carried out in non-working hours in order to clean all hard-to-reach areas. After the repair and fire, we use advanced technologies to completely restore the building from traces of natural disaster. Dry cleaning of floors completely removes stains and dirt.

We clean the whole internal space of the store and the territory adjacent to it, namely:

  • trading floors;
  • warehouses;
  • entrances and exits;
  • bathrooms;
  • doors;
  • furniture;
  • parking;
  • space near the front door.

The supermarket cleaning includes thorough wiping of glass surfaces:

  • windows;
  • shop windows;
  • refrigerators;
  • lightings;
  • mirrors.

One of our tasks is to maintain the cleanliness on the surfaces, such as:

  • racks;
  • shelves;
  • counters;
  • places for cashiers.

Our workers can easily cope with sand, slush and dirt that are brought into the room on days with bad weather conditions, through the use of professional equipment.

What SHEN guarantees customers

We commit to carry out complete cleanliness in the commercial premises using effective and safe chemicals for a human health. The cleaning can be done during the store hours, before opening or at night. Qualification of personnel allows  to tidy up a large area for a minimum period of time. We work in compliance with all points in the contract. We clean quickly at an appropriate prices. We make sure that each client is satisfied, and the quality of cleaning is in accordance to current standards.

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