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We care about your clients first impression of your office. That is why we provide professional and reliable office cleaning contractors, with carefully structured cleaning schedules to ensure you get the most from our services. With years of experience and servicing countless offices daily, our office cleaners are fast, efficient, and thorough at keeping your working environment clean and presentable to clients. Our office cleaning services can be individually tailored to your needs, and includes identification of key areas, areas of high activity, and use of specialist equipment for thorough and health and safety abiding standards. Standard office cleaning services include dusting, vacuuming, office wash downs, mopping and toilet cleaning and kitchen cleaning. We are happy to work out a cleaning plan that suits individual needs.

The cleaning company SHEN uses advanced methods to maintain the order in the office space. Our task is to ensure maximum cleanliness in each square foot of the office without distracting employees from their workflow. We use only safe detergents and professional equipment. The company's capabilities make it possible to remove both a small office or a huge business center.

The list of services from the SHEN company:

The type of the services depends on the type of cleaning you choose:

  • One-time cleaning. Includes standard clean-up procedures before an important business meeting or after some events.
  • General. Widescale cleaning, which includes the full cleaning of all rooms and the exterior surfaces of the building.
  • Post-construction. Removing traces of the construction rubbish and bringing the office space to the perfect cleanliness.
  • Dry cleaning. All types of stains and dirty marks will be removed from carpets, upholstered furniture and curtains.

We also clean the office on a regular basis. It includes:

  • wiping the dust;
  • wet cleaning;
  • the use of a vacuum cleaner for cleaning the carpets;
  • cleaning window sills, plinths, doors, windows and all office furniture;
  • washing floors and walls;
  • cleaning steps and rails;
  • polishing mirrors, glass and metal surfaces;
  • reception cleaning;
  • washing lighting;
  • disinfection of bathrooms.

We provide the morning cleaning service. The staff will clean everything in the early hours and provide the most tidy environment for the employees of the premises on the coming day.

What differs us from the other cleaning companies

We are independently engaged in the search and training of personnel. Only qualified employees with a pleasant appearance in a neat working uniform work for us. A well-coordinated team with high-quality and safe detergents will be sent to the facility. We deliver personal equipment to the office premises, which helps to remove the most difficult types of dirt. 

Work is carried out at a time convenient for the customer, including morning and evening hours. Cleaning during the working hours is carried out without fuss. Our staff will be invisible to your eyes. We will carry out cleaning, and you will completely concentrate on doing your business. The cleaning process is monitored by the administrator. He controls the quality of work, and also monitors the coherence and effectiveness of the staff.

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