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Call for $25 off your First Cleaning

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Auto Dealerships cleaning services

Bring high-performance cleaning to your auto dealership with commercial cleaning services from your local Shen. Our cleaning services make it easy to keep your dealership sparkling and spotless, creating the perfect showcase for your vehicles. With our combination of professional systems, exacting standards, and guaranteed customer satisfaction, no one does dealership cleaning like Shen

We serve 26 910 sq. ft. of Auto Dealerships
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As a market leader in a cleaning services, SHEN will help you to present the vehicles for your customers. We organize our staff for the quick cleaning at the appointed time. Using high-tech equipment, we will provide an aesthetic appearance of the interior, reasonable cost, first-class service and emphasize the elite status of your car dealership.

Impeccable view of the room is very important for every car dealership. Such things as cleanliness and comfort play an important role. Both the image and the success of the company depend on how clean the premise looks.

The best way to maintain the cleanliness and order of your premises is to hire a cleaning company that is ready to carry out a complex cleaning of the office without any problems. We have a special equipment, trained workers and a variety of detergents that do not harm a human health.

The “Shen” company is the market leader of cleaning services.Our cleaning services provide and maintain the cleanliness and immaculacy of your dealership, creating the perfect showcase for your cars.

What kind of cleaning we provide

Our professional cleaners provide the following types of services:

  • daily and general cleaning;
  • post construction cleaning;
  • dry cleaning of carpets and upholstered furniture;
  • washing both windows and showcases;
  • full cleaning of the adjacent territory;
  • industrial climbing;
  • disinsection, disinfection and deratization;

Usually, we provide a standard set of cleaning services in car service rooms and car salons.  It is important to note that we use special detergents for removing various stains from engine oil, traces of car tires or technical liquids.

What premises we clean

Our team do cleaning of any room in the car center, namely:

  • internal premise;
  • kitchen cleaning;
  • cleaning of bathrooms;
  • cleaning of technical and utility rooms;
  • complete cleaning of the adjacent area.

What the cleaning may include

Our professional cleaners provide the following types of services:

  • wet and dry cleaning using special equipment and good detergents;
  • general cleaning;
  • removal of most concentrated stains  from machine oil, substances that have spilled, rust, as well as disposal of production wastes, if necessary;
  • cleaning of technical equipment and machines with the help of special tools and means;
  • industrial climbing for cleaning lamps, high ceilings, girders and other objects that are located above the ceiling;
  • dry cleaning of carpets and upholstered furniture;
  • disinsection, disinfection and deratization;
  • full cleaning of the adjacent territory.

Advantages of working with the SHEN company

  • Our team organizes the process for each client individually;
  • the work is carried out by real professionals who know their stuff;
  • we provide risk insurance of customers;
  • we manage the service process with the help of special programs;
  • create good conditions for cooperation and for remote control over the progress of work in the building.

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