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The reasons you choose us

We have responsible and time-tested personnel who strictly follow the safety precautions. We provide a full range of services. We cope with any degree of glass contamination. We start working on projects which other companies cannot cope with. We arrive to the building on the day of the order. Ready to advise on any issues. We use advanced cleaning methods and high-tech equipment.

For the cleaning of large-scale facades, glass windows, gutters or industrial facilities an individual type of access needs to be found. Especially at dizzying heights or hard to access places, fast, accurate and flexible solutions are necessary.

The access via ropes offers an alternative to the cumbersome and cost-intensive assembly of scaffolding or the deployment of cranes. Our experienced qualified industrial climbers thereby reach every difficult to access position and realis cleaning services professionally.


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To be a leader in the market of cleaning services means to be a leader in everything. The SHEN company carries out washing of windows and facades regardless of the number of stores in the building. All kinds of work in height. Quickly and efficiently. We take on the most difficult projects and provide maximum results even in the most inaccessible places. We guarantee safety for the glass surfaces. We work according to a pre-established schedule.

Full range of industrial climbing services

Our staff carries out:

  • washing windows by climbers, including slopes, sinks and frames;
  • mechanical polishing of glass surfaces;
  • facade cleaning;
  • removing snow from the roof;
  • elimination of icicles and ice chips.


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Our work is carried out using a lifting mechanism or telescopic hoses at low height. Specially trained employees work in the high-rise buildings. Industrial climbing allows to get to the desired place in the building, regardless of the complexity of the shape of the room. Work is carried out in the following order:
  • fencing of the territory;
  • fixing of equipment and descent to the required part of the building;
  • cleaning surfaces from dirt, dried paint or soluter;
  • preliminary and final washing of windows;
  • drying by removing the rest of moisture with rubber screeds.
We wash facade and window manually. Preliminary cleaning is carried out by using of special scrapers. During the final wash, climbers put the chemical detergent to the surface and remove it with a sponge. In some cases, high-pressure apparatuses are used.

Use Shen's professional cleaning of exterior surfaces in:

  • offices;
  • shopping malls;
  • financial institutions;
  • fitness centers;
  • car dealerships;
  • educational and medical institutions;
  • government buildings;
  • industrial buildings;
  • hotels;
  • condominiums;
  • restaurants;
  • churches.
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