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To ensure that your facility is always a clean, healthy, and safe, trust to our cleaning experts. When people talk about cleaning, they usually think just about mopping, vacuuming, and dusting. Despite these important chores enough to keep your space clean and fresh, frequently your facility demands a little bit more. Detailed cleaning will help to maintain healthy and inspired conditions for comfortable working and timespending.

Bookcases, shelves, corners, space under sofa and chairs require close attention and periodically deep cleaning. Dust and dirt influence directly on air quality, your rest and vigor.

Our professional commercial cleaning services help you protect your clients and employees. At Shen we follow the highest standards in cleaning with customized individual programs designed to satisfy your demands in daily, nightly or one-time cleaning service.


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We provide professional commercial cleaning services that help promote healthy work environments and keep your facility sparkling.
That’s why we recommend to trust deep cleaning of your space to our professional cleaning team and spend your time on what really matters.

Commercial & Janitorial Cleaning & Disinfection Services in Miami

Deep cleaning is different from daily cleaning because it reaches the deep grime and dirt around your facility. We clean carefully every inch of your space, remove all types of dirt and spots.

Shen knows everything about the importance of a clean and healthy environment. Our cleaners have essential skills and experience for creating comfortable conditions and a perfect cleanliness in your building. We use non-toxic and eco-friendly detergents which reliably clean surfaces without damaging them.


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Deep cleaning check-list:

    • office kitchen cleaning
    • bathroom cleaning
    • deep hall cleaning
    • washing windows and sills
    • disinfection
    • сlean blinds, doors and door frames
    • terrace cleaning
    • hard floor scrubbing
    • cobweb removal
Maintain a first-class image and a clean, safe and healthy environment for employees and clients.

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