Commercial Floor Care Services - Floor Maintenance & Cleaning

SHEN has quality and knowledge to provide the best floor care and all kinds of commercial and industrial institutions cleaning, including universities, hospitals, schools etc.

Our general cleaning services for commercial floors include:

  • Waxing of the floor
  • Stripping of the floor
  • Mopping and floor cleaning
  • Cleaning with pressure
  • Cleaning the grout
  • High speed polishing


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Each type of hard surface flooring requires special care in order to maintain its original brightness and surface texture. Whether it is vinyl, ceramic, marble, stone, tile or any other material, you can rely on our experts to take on any challenge.

Shen uses the most modern and advanced floor cleaning products, methods and equipment to achieve optimal results.

You can trust our specialists to keep your parquet in perfect condition and for a long service life.


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At Shen Cleaning Company, we have experience with all types of flooring including marble, wood, vinyl and of course stone. Our workers are masters of their craft on any kind of surface. Many businesses install stone floors in their buildings such as granite, marble, ceramic tile, etc. These types of floors do not require as much maintenance as, for example, resilient tile floors, but regular maintenance is necessary for the best possible appearance. If not properly cared for, the floor will look dirty and dull. Contact Shen today for a quote and consultation on floor care. We can offer a tailor-made solution for any business, whatever their demands and requirements. Let us take you closer to manicured and clean floors.

The main difference between our way of doing business and our competitors is that we may visit different types of business facilities such as:

The staff of our company are sure that you should not be distracted from the work you love and, at Shen Facility Management, we love to take on challenging cleaning tasks and see how a visitor is impressed with your building. For more consultation about our cleaning service, please contact us today!

We are a cleaning company that has been operating in the european market for 16 years. We provide a wide range of cleaning services for commercial real estate and guarantee exceptional results