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Exterior Cleaning Services in Miami

Different types of dirt, grime and mold can collect on facilities` exterior surfaces, windows, roof, facade and more. The unkempt appearance of a building can affect your business reputation or spoil the opinion of guests about you.

Moreover our experts identify three core reason of outdoor  cleaning and maintenance:

  • Safety – First of all mold, sand and dust can make surfaces slippery and dangerous, increasing probability of injury. Pressure washing and deep cleaning significantly reduce this danger and facility owners can be sure they`ve protected their clients and guests.
  • Asset maintenance – A well-maintained appearance is an important element of asset conservation. Mold and dirt detain moisture on surfaces and roofs which can intensify destruction and cause mildew and leaks. Clogged flows and rain gutters also cause overflows and dangerous high waters.
  • Reputation – A clean exterior is a base of pride for the facility`s owners and a great investment into business reputation. For potential clients it’s a bright indicator that you are a true professional and able to keep all assets in perfect condition.
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Residential Exterior Cleaning

Maintain the comfort and beauty of your property with regular outdoor cleaning. Our cleaning professionals use premium equipment and effective detergents to make your commercial property safe and inviting. Entrust all your cleaning problems to a professional team and spend that time on what really matters.

Commercial Exterior Cleaning

Regular janitorial outdoor cleaning lets your customers and clients know that you take pride in your business. Let Shen experts protect and beautify all facade surfaces, patio, walkways and roofs. Focus on core business tasks and trust your maintaining obligations to our professional team.

Association & Condo Exterior Cleaning

Trust the exterior caring of your complex to the Shen cleaning experts. In a place where cleanliness and well maintenance are vitally important, our team will provide high-quality service which keeps the value of your assets. Contact us for details.

Hire one reliable partner for all cleaning tasks

When you hire one reliable company to provide professional interior and exterior cleaning service you reduce stress level and time wasting. Cooperation with the Shen means your facility will be always pristine regardless of season and dirty level. Our cleaning experts know everything about first-class cleaning service. We design an individual plan and cleaning schedule according to your requests, needs and budget.

Be sure working with us lets keep your facility looking and functioning longer, all while spending less. Call us today and receive service which satisfies all your cleaning needs.

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