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Retail and Shopping Center Cleaning Services in Miami

Shopping malls are crowded with thousands of guests and visitors every day that is why secure conditions and prophylactic measures play a crucial role in the successful functioning of shopping centers.

We fulfill all the needs of shopping centers:

  • special care for glass surfaces;
  • everyday maintenance of halls and common areas;
  • clean the toilets thoroughly;
  • we take care of children, people with allergies, pregnant, and the elderly, using safe cleaning products;
  • we take into account the epidemic situation and numerous visitors;

Successful management of shopping malls requires multitasking and rapid decision-making. First, it is about creating a healthy and safe environment for clients and workers. A busy flow of visitors, increased safety requirements for public places, the need for rapid removal of pollution require professional cleaning solutions and an individual approach to each object.


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High quality professional cleaning in Miami

Shen staff have professional skills and necessary experience to make your shopping mall look better. Our flexible shifts, Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week availability and daily cleaning packages ensure your mall always looks great for your clients.

Our cleaners use only environmentally friendly and non-toxic detergents that gently clean different types of surfaces. We pay attention to glass, mirrors and shop windows, using special cleaning products to make them bright and engaging.

In addition, our professional shopping mall cleaning service includes a disinfection of the frequently used items such buttons, railings, handles, food-court tables and carts. We care about your visitors and guarantee first class cleanliness

Are you looking for professional commercial cleaning in Miami? Don’t delay, call us 305-876-6367 today. Our experts help your shopping mall be always safe and attractive.


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The main difference between our way of doing business and our competitors is that we may visit different types of business facilities such as:


And more!

The staff of our company are sure that you should not be distracted from the work you love and, at Shen Facility Management, we love to take on challenging cleaning tasks and see how a visitor is impressed with your building. For more consultation about our cleaning service, please contact us today!

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