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Open the doors of your daycare every morning, confident that Shen has taken care of every detail to ensure your business is ready for the arrival of the children.

The Shen offers a range of special cleaning services for:

  • traditional daycare center
  • private nursery schools
  • pre-schools and playgroups
  • out of school clubs
  • independent schools

The specifics of cleaning different premises in kindergarten

Shen Cleaning Company works in accordance with the established standards for cleaning kindergartens. We know that disinfection of all rooms is carried out one hour before the arrival of children. Since all rooms have their own specifics, the requirements for cleaning them and the processing time vary.


  • Playroom. Here, special attention is paid to toys. Metal, plastic and rubber are washed with hot water, and soft ones are disinfected in disinfection chambers.
  • Bedroom. Beds, window sills and radiators are wiped with a cloth moistened with a safe detergent. Mattresses and pillows are taken out for ventilation during the general cleaning.
  • Laundry. Every day, workers wipe down washing machines, dryers and ironing boards with a damp cloth. The laundry bins and containers are washed after each use. Once a week, the iron is wiped with an anti-carbon and scale agent, scale is removed in washing machines.
  • Kitchen and dining room. Our staff maintains cleanliness on tables, racks and stoves. Before leaving, cleans sinks, refrigerators and other equipment.
  • Toilet. We have detergents that allow us to wash pots, sinks, toilets and floors and are completely safe for children.
  • Medical room. The couch, table and cabinet with medicines are wiped daily with a damp cloth. All medical instruments are disinfected after each use and additionally once a week.

Professional cleaning of preschool and children’s institutions

The safety of children is always our top priority. Keeping preschools clean and safe is a demanding task that requires a professional approach and a delicate yet reliable cleaning solution. Creating a safe environment for spending time is vital to the health, safety and well-being of children.

That is why trust Shen professional cleaning team to ensure you get the best cleaning results. Our professional service allows you to protect children and staff from viruses and bacteria without the use of harmful and aggressive chemicals. Our child-friendly approach to sanitizing and cleaning, and years of successful cleaning experience, make us a trusted provider of cleaning services for Florida’s daycares and preschools.


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Children-friendly detergents

Our specialists use only environmentally friendly and non-toxic disinfectants that destroy dangerous bacteria and viruses. Thanks to its gentle and effective formula, it can be used on almost all surfaces, including toys, play equipment, children’s furniture, cabinets, sanitary ware and even carpets.

Flexible schedule and personalized service

We are pleased to offer our comprehensive eco-cleaning services as a rule and the main standard. Combining our experience, professional approach, skills and premium equipment, we can provide your daycare and preschool with the highest level of cleaning services for the safest possible environment for children.

We are ready to perform all your cleaning tasks according to your requests and working hours.

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The main difference between our way of doing business and our competitors is that we may visit different types of business facilities such as:

– Hotels
– Restaurants
– Governmental and administrative buildings
– Business centres
– Banks & Financial Institutions
– Auto Dealerships
– Warehouses and logistic complexes
– Day Care Centers
– Medical facilities
– Retail stores
– Schools & Universities
– Shopping malls

The staff of our company are sure that you should not be distracted from the work you love and, at Shen Facility Management, we love to take on challenging cleaning tasks and see how a visitor is impressed with your building. For more consultation about our cleaning service, please contact us today!

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