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Professional cleaning of preschool and child care facilities

Children’s safety is always our main priority. Keeping preschool facilities clean and safe is a responsible task, which demands a professional approach and delicate, but reliable cleaning solution. Creating safe conditions for pastime is vital for the health, safety and well-being of children.

That’s why trusting janitorial child care facilities cleaning to the Shen professional team to guarantee the best cleaning result. Our professional service allows to protect children and staff from viruses and bacteria without usage of harmful and aggressive chemicals. Our kid-friendly approach to disinfection and cleaning and multi-year successful cleaning experience make us a trusted cleaning provider of Florida child care centers and preschools.

Kid-friendly detergents

Our experts use only eco-friendly and non-toxic disinfectants which eliminate dangerous bacteria and viruses. Thanks to delicate and effective formulas it can be used on almost all surfaces, including toys, play equipment, children furniture, cabinets, bathroom fixtures and even carpets.

day care centers cleaning services 2 470x452 - Day Care Centers cleaning services

Flexible schedule and customize service

We are glad to propose our complete eco-cleaning services as a rule and main standard. Combining our experience, professional approach, skills and premium equipment we can give your daycare and preschool facility the highest quality level of cleaning service for the safest environment for the children.

We are ready to complete all your cleaning tasks according to your requests and work hours.

The Shen proposes a complex of special cleaning services for:

  • traditional daycare center
  • private nursery schools
  • pre-schools and playgroups
  • out of school clubs
  • independent schools

Open the doors to your child care facility every morning, being sure the Shen experts have taken care of every detail to make your business ready to the moment the kids arrive.

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The main difference between how we do business and our competitors is that we are able to visit numerous types of business facilities, such as:

Governmental and administrative buildings
Business centres
Banks & Financial Institutions
Auto Dealerships
Warehouses and logistic complexes
Medical facilities
Retail stores
Schools & Universities
Shopping malls

And more!

Our Florida-based cleaning team believes that you should only carry out work you love and, at Shen Facility Management, we love completing clean-up tasks and making sure that businesses and hospitality buildings give off great first impressions when people visit the premises. If you would like more details about our commercial hospitality building cleaning solutions, please contact us today!

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