Hotel Cleaning Services by Shen | Cleaning company, Miami FL

We understand that one of the most important factors affecting the quality of customer service is the cleanliness of a hotel. That is why our experts strive to maintain a consistently high level of service. We allow your customers to focus on the best part of their journey by taking the worry out of cleanliness.

Hotel cleaning services include a range of daily cleaning jobs such as:

  • Get rid of garbage in the building and rooms.
  • Clean and vacuum all common areas.
  • Outdoor maintenance.
  • Window cleaning.
  • Wiping dust and cleaning inside of the rooms.
  • Bathroom maintenance (e.g. cleaning floors, cleaning bathroom sinks and stalls, replenishing supplies).
  • Cleaning of glass and mirror surfaces.
  • Industrial climbing

Our company performs all these services professionally, so you do not need to contact several different companies for services, Shen is your long-term cleaning partner for any cleaning need.


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Employees of our company adhere to all hotel cleaning standards:

  • preparation for cleaning the hotel room;
  • current cleaning of the room;
  • general cleaning of the room;
  • cleaning and property of the guest;
  • hotel cleaning and property;
  • completion of cleaning.


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Shen Facility Management’s 15 years of experience keeps your hotels in the best condition possible. With our technological advances, we can provide real-time tracking and support. Have your hotel information in the palm of your hand.

The main difference between our way of doing business and our competitors is that we may visit different types of business facilities such as:

And more!

The staff of our company are sure that you should not be distracted from the work you love and, at Shen Facility Management, we love to take on challenging cleaning tasks and see how a visitor is impressed with your building. For more consultation about our cleaning service, please contact us today!

We are a cleaning company that has been operating in the european market for 16 years. We provide a wide range of cleaning services for commercial real estate and guarantee exceptional results