warehouse 1 470x452 - Cleaning of warehouses and logistic complexes

Warehouse Cleaning Services in Miami

With the permanent flow of people in the facility, a distribution center turns into a hotbed for airborne viruses which extend among employees. For this reason a clean and disinfected environment is the main preventive measure especially during the pandemic.

When dirty pallets for shipping transfer across loading docks and storage spaces, particles of dust and microbes collect on other facility surfaces. Our cleaning experts provide effective cleaning and disinfection and ensure that no grime and viruses still remain.

warehouse 2 470x452 - Cleaning of warehouses and logistic complexes

Dust and dirt create a danger environment as they accumulate in hard to reach places such as:

  • ceilings
  • tubes
  • lighting
  • ginders
  • offices
  • dining area
  • restrooms
  • locker areas

These spaces create an ideal hub for mold, bacteria, and mildew spreading. Redundant amounts of dust on ceilings can turn into dust clouds which may damage expensive foods and even cause explosions. Shen experts use effective detergents and innovative equipment to protect your warehouse and create a healthy environment for your employees.

warehouse 3 470x452 - Cleaning of warehouses and logistic complexes

Business owners have to keep the cleanliness and safe conditions of each operation facility. Safe working environment protects your employees from traumanization and decreases the general incidence rate. We provide professional service according to the highest cleaning standards and implement only proven cleaning solutions.

Our warehouse cleaning service includes:

  • regular cleaning of high-traffic spaces
  • one-time detailed cleaning or emergency cleaning (for instance removing spills)
  • cleaning service before or after renovation and construction
  • warehouse floor caring

Grease and dust can quickly collect on the floor. Even a dirt footprint can cause your work area to look messy. The SHEN team realizes that even water puddles after cleaning or incorrectly-cleaned surfaces can create serious safety dangers in warehouses. Accidents happen, and we don’t want employees and guests to get injuries from slips and falls. Our cleaning solutions for floors often incorporate a power moping using industrial cleaning equipment and our experts always design an individual cleaning plan based on your requests and your facility demands.

Call us at 305-876-6367and we keep your warehouse facility safe and pristine.