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Landscape design

Our company offers full-service landscape design for residential, commercial, community and municipal projects. With our depth of collective experience and wealth of reliable resources, we can build a sustainable landscape of any size, to any specifications, to meet your requirements and deliver on your vision.

Everything you dreamed about landscape design, the SHEN company is capable to implement into reality. Holding a leading position in the market, we are able to green the land and to design it according to the modern trends. We will carry out detailed plan, taking into account all the wishes of the client. Quickly, efficiently and for good money, the face of your house will sparkle with the colors of decorative trees, shrubs and fragrant flowers.

Features of landscape design 

We will help you to realize your garden dream and set near the house:

  • smooth green lawn;
  • luxurious pool;
  • phytowall;
  • alpine hill;
  • artificial pond with a waterfall;
  • retaining wall;
  • drainage system.

Our experts will install an automatic irrigation system to maintain the freshness of grass, shrubs and flowers. Smart lighting system will be set so that your land can attract eyes even at night. Landscaping also includes the decoration of garden paths, areas near the pool, the installation of a pergola and the outside kitchen.

Order a roof greening from us, and you will get an excellent result with an original idea. For the implementation of the project, we carefully mix artificial and natural materials.

Our specialist will come to the land and identify challenges. The types of forthcoming work, terms and cost are preliminary agreed. After signing the contract, we set about the landscape design. In the very near future, the client will receive a visual project with a clear demonstration of the future territory. In this project a client can see a complete list of materials and all types of work. All stages of work are carried out in a clear sequence:

  • land preparation;
  • installation of automatic irrigation and lighting systems;
  • planting;
  • decorative setting of stones and other landscape decor;
  • sowing or laying the lawn.

Further step is providing services for the maintenance of the landscape area.

Advantages of working with us

Landscaping work is carried out by professional designers and gardeners of the company SHEN. All work is carried out under the close supervision of the chief designer of the project. We use reliable and proven engineering systems.

We carry out planting from suppliers with a worldwide reputation. After commissioning the facility , we issue a guarantee. We create landscape design on the principle of minimal care after its construction. Properly selected plants will create a flawless landscape regardless of the time of a year. We have a professional team that complies with deadlines, uses advanced landscaping technologies, focuses on the wishes of the client and practices a creative approach to their job.

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